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Aircraft Information
Owner Type: CorporationOwner Name: HM AIR LLC
Zip: 484393314 Country: US
Fractional Owner:
Aircraft Type: Fixed wing single engineModel Year: 1966
Airworthiness Class: StandardTransponder Code: 52234350
Serial Number: 15063535 Aircraft Model: 2071814
Last Action: 2018-01-11Cert Issue: 2018-01-11
Status: 6935F
Aircraft Mfg: CESSNA Aircraft Model: 150F
Category: LandAmateur: No
Engines: 1Seats: 2
Weight: CLASS 1Cruising Speed: 90
Engine Mfg.: CONT MOTOREngine Model: 0-200 SERIES
Fuel Consumed: 0.00Horsepower/Thrust: 100

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